Frequently Asked Questions

Curated Niche Links FAQ

What Kind of Sites Do You Secure Links From?

We secure links from reputable, high authority, and legitimate sites. A typical site will have at least a couple hundred organic visitors per month and a healthy link profile.

Do You Provide Reports or Samples?

Yes, we provide a full report of all the links we secured and can provide sample sites on request.

What Niches Do You Accept?

We accept all niches except adult sites, gambling, online pharmacy, etc.

Can I Choose My Anchor Text?

You may choose your anchor text as long as it is not spammy or unnatural. We do not do naked URL anchor text, as it doesn't flow well within a blog post.

How Many URL's Can I Use?

You may use 1 URL per link. However, for our link packages, you must stick with 1 niche per 5 links. So if you buy 10 links, you can link to 10 sites. They just have to be split into only 2 niches. The reason for this is that the outreach process is time consuming and splitting up niches is difficult.

Can I Get a Discount for Bulk Orders?

Yes, please contact us to learn more.

Why is Your Service So Expensive?

It's not. There are other companies providing niche edits for slightly cheaper, but many are glorified PBN's or spam sites. We get legitimate links from real sites through real outreach, which is more time consuming.

Why Only 50 RD? Isn't that Low?

Most of the time we get links from sites with a much higher RD count. We emphasize quality over quantity, and are extremely picky on what sites meet our standards.

Do You Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

We guarantee links will stay online for 12 months minimum or we replace them for free.

We cannot guarantee rankings, as we do not control on-page, your site's link profile, and what anchor text you choose.